Whole Foods store / Sunburned


Okay so the Whole Foods store and sunburn don’t have a correlation with each other. But I decided to post both here. I’ve been a little busy lately, but this is something that I noticed: A couple of days ago I noticed that I have tan lines on my feet. There is a wide band of lighter skin from where my “flip flops” band would be (FYI, I don’t wear those often). About a week ago (Father’s Day), I went to the lake to fish etc., with family and got sunburned on my legs-to-my-feet (I was wearing shorts. Mostly my “upper” body has been exposed to more sun over the past few months because I have been exercising outdoors in yoga pants; but I still feel that I may have gotten a little sunburned on my “back” due to the fact it’s been hot to the touch lately) I forgot to apply the sunscreen. Yeah, I know. So my skin got incredibly red, and hot! Technically I noticed it right away on the dock, I was turning so red. My mother sunburns easily and so do I. Anyway, my skin stayed hot for days!! I HATE GETTING SUNBURNS. But once I get my first summer tan, I am usually good to go.

Don’t “forget” to apply your sunscreen, everyone! 😉



Whole Foods store (a Ha Ha moment)

As usual the experience is disastrous. I am tripping over people in the parking lot, before I can even-get in-the-door-good. And inside there is this dude with a Microphone…yelling about how nutritious wheat grass is….with a blender, and all. But wait, it gets better. There is an “assembly” of people surrounding him in an already cramped, overstuffed store!!!     Are you kidding me??  You can’t get through the aisles on a Good day. I just want to go ahead and pay my $100 dollars for my 5 things….and get out. It doesn’t matter if I have added up everything before I check out. Secretly, I am always sticker shocked at the register, and wonder if the cashier rung up something twice. But I love that store….and all the Earth Fares’ too! Warning: Stay away from Whole Foods on a Saturday at all cost.



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