The Benefits of Noni Juice



The juice is made from what I would call a super fruit. Noni juice is derived from a potato sized fruit that grows on a tall evergreen herbal plant Morinda Citrifolia, more commonly referred as noni. The plant usually grows in a tropical environment and places in the United States such as Florida and Hawaii have a thick cover of these evergreen plants. Noni fruit contains a number of vitamins including niacin, beta-carotene and vitamin C. It is also a good source of iron and calcium. Noni juice has been an integral part of ancient Chinese medicine and is recommended in the treatment of abnormal menstrual periods. As noni juice displays anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, one would be eager to know its advantages from a health standpoint.

Noni juice is great for boosting the immune system. Here are some of the many benefits Noni juice provides:


Skin Problems
People suffering from eczema or yeast rash have found noni juice extremely useful. Drinking this juice in small amounts may help to get rid of these skin problems. Even skin conditions like acne respond quite well with noni juice. So, if you are looking to restore healthy skin you can also use skin creams containing noni juice. Though I have never tried this, you could put Noni juice on a cotton ball and rub it on the skin, particularly the face.

Heals Joint Pain
Joint pain linked to arthritis can also be effectively treated by consuming this juice. Arthritis patients taking noni juice have experienced improvement in their quality of life. The joint inflammation and pain associated with arthritis reduced considerably with the intake of noni juice.

Improves Digestive Disorders
This folk remedy has been very effective in the treatment of constipation and diarrhea. Frequent bouts of diarrhea or irregular bowel movement can be corrected as evident through various customer testimonials. To be precise, drinking noni juice promotes a healthy digestive system as well as assists in treating intestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. Some people also use it in the treatment of stomach pain and ulcers.

Control Diabetes
This juice provides a natural way to manage diabetes symptoms effectively. This is because, it helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It can be useful to prevent blood sugar levels from fluctuating.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels
High cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. So, doctors often tell you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels to keep heart problems at bay. In yet another small study, it was found that intake of noni juice could bring down triglycerides and total cholesterol levels.

Increases Energy Levels
Having noni juice on a regular basis can also help to combat fatigue. In today’s fast paced life, we often experience decreased energy levels, which can slow down our day-to-day activities. People taking this juice regularly have reported an increase in energy levels, thus helping them to remain active throughout the day. And it works…like you would-not-believe.

Anti-cancer Agent
In a small study conducted on mice, noni juice showed promising evidence as an effective anti-cancer drug. Mice with cancerous tumors were given noni juice and various tests conducted revealed anti-cancer protection abilities of the juice. The enlargement of the tumor was not taking place for quite some time. This clearly showed that noni juice could slow down the progression of cancer.

–          Note: People who have had a history of kidney problems need to stay away from noni juice as its potassium levels are alarmingly high.

–          Drinking anything in excess is not good for health and this also holds true for noni juice.


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