Silver Biotics

Did you know that you can drink silver? I drank silver during the final part of my recuperation. What can I say? I would have probably drunk anything, liquid gold, liquid copper….any-thing!! Yeah. I did not write about it until now, because I wasn’t sure if it helped me. I stopped drinking it before I actually got better. Perhaps, it is better to take it when well. Nevertheless, I thought that I should let you know what it is and that it is out there as a natural alternative. The type of silver is very important as not all silver products are considered safe.

Silver Biotics are a natural alternative for immune system support as well as wound healing. When it comes to the immune system, the belief is that it rapidly attacks and destroys most types of harmful pathogens. However, it works on the skin via protecting and healing a variety of infections, ex., rashes, boils and other skin ailments. It relieves redness and irritation. But as I previously stated, I only drank the silver, so I personally do not really know what it will do for your skin.

It is said that Silver Biotics also support the respiratory system via keeping the air passages open for proper oxygen intake. It is also used to fight fatigue as well.

Use at your discretion. Once again I am giving you information that few people know about. The silver biotics I took stated, “doctor recommended” on the label.  But very few doctors really know about this….and that ones that do may not even mention to you that they take it. Then some doctors may just say that it is “overall” bad, to prevent something like this from getting into too many hands. However, you-may-just-find-a-doctor that will admit that he or she takes it, and recommends it to you. Ha. 🙂



Unfortunately I am about to get a little more BUSI-ERR. I will not be blogging much from now until the end of this year. At some point in December, I would like to put up another 6 months of progression photos. So, I will try my best to keep up with my hair album.


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