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Last year I briefly blog Coke was in the process of changing their formula. You can now purchase Coke that is made in Mexico, without high fructose corn syrup and benzoate acid. Only select stores where I live carry it, including Kroger and some health stores. It is bottled like the photo above. In my humble opinion, it still isn’t completely natural as it contains refined sugar and caramel color. But it is much better than before. I now occasionally drink/enjoy Coke!* It is refreshing to know that now…it really is….”the Real Thing.” Aaahhh-


Ingredients: Carbonated water, Sugar, Caramel color, Phosphoric acid, Natural flavors, Caffeine.

Hecho en Mexico / Made in Mexico

*Reminder: Just as coffee, tea and red wine has the potential to stain teeth, so does drinking excessive amounts of cola sodas.

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