NC Dog Days of Summer?


This weather is phenomenal isn’t it? If you are a North Carolinian, you know how “our” summers can be! This weather makes it easy to forget the never ending days of rain we had recently. For the most part, the ground is still saturated. With the peak of hurricane season approaching…the last thing we need is a hurricane to hit anyone in the state. But hey, I was outside (not recommended) during Hurricane Fran nearly the entire time, saw the eye and everything. Oh what fun! What can I say, I’m somewhat of a weather geek. But with hurricanes bring damage; which we do not want.

Why were my sister and I outside during hurricane Fran? Our parents threw us out…They had ENOUGH! Just kidding. No, we were dumb enough to leave to be with our friends. That’s the gist of it….there was a plan in place of our best friends “possibly” picking us up at our parents’ house before the phone lines went dead while speaking, so we needed to find a “pay phone.” (A different era…) So, what was it like? Well, the rain was coming down hard in huge drops that drenched us. We were not wearing any rain gear, not even a windbreaker. The water came up so high on streets that aren’t flood prone. It was very difficult to walk in water up to my calves…with sustained wind…all while the water pelted our faces. You could barely see in front of you; let alone, breathe. The wind seemed to have been taking our breaths “away!” We really could not even talk to each other. It sounded as if the atmosphere was screaming. Oh those howling winds! Please understand that “sustained winds” are just that. (And I knew what sustained meant.) I wanted it to back off though…just for a second, so I could breathe better! We didn’t weight much, so at one point, we were thinking that the wind would literally pick us up, and carry us away. The winds just kept getting stronger! Occasionally we would see “green” lightning and transformers going out. So we decided to go back home. Then our friends drove by. (We should have stayed home right?) While in the car, one of our friends tried to navigate through the streets around down trees and power lines. Can you believe that?! It was a situation that at any moment we all could have died. Much of the state lost power. During the power outage, my father cooked lots of food on the grill. We shared and gathered with our neighbors. During the aftermath of the storm, we all gathered with our neighbors to talk, eat, and clean up. Due to lack of light pollution we were able to see many stars twinkling, which were beautiful.

Fran surprised us, especially my sister and me. We were thinking that hurricanes generally just do not usually reach that far inland. And if they did –it would not be as bad. It’s just a little wind and rain, right? After learning of the casualties, we realize we should take storms more seriously.

~Still love those cumulonimbus clouds though. 😉