Let’s Make-up



Can makeup or foundation cause acne and skin problems? When choosing makeup it is important to notice whether or not it has silicones in it. You may know what silicones can do to your hair, but do you know what it does for your face? Makeup that has silicones will form a barrier/film on your face just as it does on your hair. And just as silicones can cause your hair to break-off with repeated use via keeping the hair from absorbing moisture, it can cause problems for the face as well. Basically, silicones are the “make-up” of most makeup on the market. The reason is that it’s just mainly silicones with color added. And when you sweat, even if it is just a little, a lot of it gets trapped under the skin. Going without makeup is best. But, if you like or need to wear makeup “with” silicones, just as you would clarify your hair with a sulfate cleanser, you should likewise do the same for your face. Too often, many people are using natural soaps and cream cleansers to wash or remove makeup from their faces. As a result, some of it is still left on the face acting as a barrier/film and preventing the skin from eliminating dirt and toxins. Therefore, acne and blemishes become a factor. Over time your skin may start to look different or worse each time certain makeup is removed. Then you may start to think that you do not look good without your makeup, not noticing that the change in your skin is from wearing the wrong the makeup, or washing it off correctly.

Washing your face with sulfates will strip your face of moisture, so it is important to follow up with a very good moisturizer. Now, however, when it comes to makeup, there are more choices than ever. Natural mineral makeup usually does not contain silicones. So, when wearing this type of makeup you can use a sulfate-free cleanser to remove it. Recently, I discovered that cocoa powder mixed with corn starch can be used as a recipe for a makeup alternative. You can make it as light or as dark as you want. Personally, I have not tried this yet. But, as you can imagine, it will be a lot easier to remove. 😉

Note: Makeup with silicones will give a more flawless, even coverage. Natural makeup may be a little more “translucent” in coverage, depending on the individual and how much is applied.

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