Heeey, What’s For Dinner?….BISON!!!

Why Did the “BISON” Cross the Road???…


Bison, for dinner? Yes, that right. I never thought that I would ever have bison on my plate, let alone, prepare it. I remember the days when I used to ride the train outdoors at the “museum” not zoo, as a little kid, and point to the buffalo….like wow …..look at that! And now I am having it for dinner??? Both of my parents eat it. My father has been eating it for years and got my mom hooked. Now mom has been pressuring….I mean… talking about all the benefits that it has to offer. It took a while, and I mean a long while before I finally decided to give it a try. Of course I had to do my own research on the matter. Anyway, I found out that bison is a lot better than beef; especially if it is grass fed and raised without hormones. However, I see why a lot of them are raised without hormones….they look like they will kill you if you even get close to them with a needle!! They just always seem to look-a-little-mean-to-me.  I do not eat beef, and haven’t had it in “several” years! For the most part, I don’t eat a lot of animal protein because for one, I believe that it contributes to the cellulite that some people have. My theory is that the body has difficulty breaking down certain meats, and thus the fat deposits ends up in places like the thighs and such. Due to this theory I feel that it is the reason why some people who exercise still cannot get rid of that cellulite. So, for years I haven’t eaten the popular: Chicken (aside from occasional Hen), Beef, or Pork except for the extremely rare occasion bacon or ham. Nevertheless, I still get plenty of protein. Hey, I am a simple person..LOL. I applaud vegans, but can never be one. Occasionally, I want/need some type of meat.

So what’s the hype about bison? It is very lean. And also, American Heart Association recommends it as a heart-healthy red meat. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains less cholesterol than beef or chicken. For example, bison meat contains 2.42 g. fat, 143 calories, and 82 mg. of cholesterol per 100 grams of cooked meat. By comparison, beef has 9.28 g. fat, 211 calories, and 86 g. cholesterol. Skinless chicken contains 7.41 grams of fat, 190 calories, and 89 mg. of cholesterol.

In the store, I had difficulty looking at it, yeah, preparing and even smelling it, though it wasn’t spoiled; for years, all of my “burgers” have been veggie. But once I got over that and cooked it…..it was a very good and tasty burger!!! Seriously, it will make you want to hit something. Click here for my recipe.

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