Did you spot the typo? If I hold on to it…will it be worth a million dollars next year??? Haha. Yesterday I purchased this Body Wash. The brand name is Kiss My Face as you can see from above. Some natural shower gels and body wash can be use on your hair. I won’t be using this for my hair though. However, I feel the fragrance of the Wash complements my signature fragrance, and the products I use on my hair, which is important. This is what you don’t want – Your Body: Spicy, Amber, Cinnamon, fragrance. Your Hair: Coconut, Marshmallows, Vanilla. But Your Body Wash: Lemons, Limes, and Verbena?? It’s just All wrong. So the fragrance of my wash is Cloves & Ylang Ylang (which are aphrodisiacs btw) Same rules apply when purchasing a signature fragrance. When choosing fragrances it is more than just walking up to the counter picking out one because you like the smell of it. What you may have on your body (ex, shower or bathe in or even deodorant) may not complement your choice of fragrance. Now add that with putting on too much…..and-you-know. Yeah.

Reading ingredients are important. Also, think about what you already use. And finally, using your nose for key notes all will help you to choose the best fragrances. And remember try to stay from phthlates as they are carcinogens.

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