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Basically, I try to stay away from fast food as much as possible. Most fast food chains serve processed food. But sometimes you just have to eat out! Three of the “popular” chains I would eat from are: Chick-fil-a, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Notice…Mc Donald’s isn’t on my list. I just don’t like play-doh food. Personally, I feel Mc Donald’s is too play-dohey for me. Burger King’s breakfast is likewise. One of my favorites from Burger King is the Veggie burger. Although I believe it may contain a trival amount of MSG. A regular veggie burger has 1030mg of sodium and 410 calories! Better off eating a real burger huh? Weelll, I order mine without the mayo or the ketchup and add mustard. Doing it that way save 130mg of sodium and 100 calories. And if you don’t add mustard, conserve a little more on the sodium. You can’t beat 7g of fat, and 1g of sat. fat. I don’t have high blood pressure, so I am not as concerned about the salt. However, if you have high blood pressure…you are already aware that you really should stay away from fast food altogether. (Subway sandwiches are extremely high in sodium!) I do try to order fries without salt, only because of bloat. Too much salt in the body actually causes you to look heavier than you actually are, especially in your mid section. The salt causes your body to hold water, so what you’ll have is water bloat along with all the other greasy mess you just ate. I always drink water! I feel soda is unnecessary when eating fast food. Matter of fact, I don’t drink soda except once in a blue moon, and mostly from a health food store. Visit and look at their nutritional menu. Check it out on your smartphone before you place your order, and your body will thank you. 😉

Wendy’s is great because I can order a baked potato w/chives and a side salad without dressing. Or, a premium salad without the chicken. I will add my own salt and pepper on my potato. Sour cream and butter comes with it, but I don’t use them. But if I happen to go home with the food, I would use full fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream with the chives. For more information about Wendy’s nutritional menu go to

Now on to Chick-fil-a. Their chicken is loaded with MSG!! The fried chicken has MSG in the breading. The grilled chicken has disodium guanylate and inosinate which is also MSG, and on top of that it lists, flavor! We know what that means….more MSG. Ok…so now you see why I don’t eat chicken. yeah. I order a Large Fry without salt, along with a side salad without dressing. If I am really hungry I will order a fruit cup. It cost about the same as a combo, and I get sooo full. Sometimes I switch it around and order only a fry and fruit cup. Some people believe starch and sugar leads to diabetes. It’s more to it than that.  For more information about the MSG in Chick-fil-a food go to

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