Exercising is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing pilates for many years. Pilates have Powerhouse moves. Yoga is similar. Your powerhouse is your entire mid-section. The area just below your rib cage, and the top of your pubic bone is your powerhouse. This includes your abdominals, your lower back, muscles around the hip area and pelvic floor muscles. Working these muscles helps with energy, make you feel taller and leaner. It is this area that most of us have problems with weight, and this exercise attacks that.

Weight lifting is great, especially for women. Many women don’t lift weights and should. Your body will stay firmer longer and it helps burn more calories from the foods you eat in the long run. If you have a consistent routine lifting weights, you can burn calories just sitting on the sofa watching t.v. without even exercising for that day. Women don’t need to lift very heavy weights. It isn’t necessary to build up to much muscle or look bulky. But so be it, if that is your choice. I have been exercising since a child, weight lifting since a teen, and had a personal trainer briefly, so use caution if you are just starting out. You can really get seriously injured. Weight lifting should always be done with slow, controlled movements, and never fast or ridgid. Also, it helps to have someone to spot you…bascially meaning someone to watch over you to prevent you from hyper extending.

I do have the tendency to get bored easily with workouts maybe due to the fact I started so young, lol. So if I get bored or use to a certain exercise I will do something new or just stop altogether. Take a break for a couple of weeks, or a month or two and resume. It feels great for me to do this.

Dancing is another type of exercise that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is great for your cardiovascular system. If you are trying to lose weight, it will definitely help with that. After all, that’s what aerobics are all about. However, you can turn on some great music and dance away. Today, most people dance to loose weight or to stay in shape. But in my household growing up, as soon as you could walk you danced. I personally think it was more about having rhythm, so whenever you dance around people, you didn’t embarass your family, lol. So to this day I still dance. It’s fun…no, it’s exhilerating!  Aerobics are choreographed, so it may be easier for someone who is not a dancer to start with that. As long as you are moving consistently to the rhythm, you are burning calories. So turn on some hot music and dance away! 😉

As briefly stated above, Aerobics is great for a person who is not a dancer, but it does help to have a little bit of coordination because it is choreographed. Aerobics is a great cardiovascular exercise for most people. I enjoy aerobics. The reason I believe aerobics is great for those who don’t dance is really due to the fact that a person relatively new at dancing can injure themselves. If you turn on music without rhythm and move jagged or awkwardly, you could rupture something. A licensed Aerobic Instructor is qualified to know right and wrong moves.

I can not forget about swimming…Loove it! Try to do a variety of moves and etc. in the water. A lot of people don’t do the breaststroke often. But it works your chest (pectoralis), upper back (trapezius) and shoulders (deltoids) a little more and differently than freestyle swimming. If you are not used to doing this exercise, you may wake up sore, especially if you don’t stretch prior. You can also do aerobics in the pool with water weights. Plus, it’s therapeutic. You can actually feel the stress leave your body. So it’s great for people with depression, anxiety, physical ailments, pregnant women, etc.


You can exercise any and everywhere, even with limited means. Basically you are just using you own body for resistance. Here are a few exercises you can do in your house:

1. Before, during, and after watching t.v., stand in front of the sofa, feet approximately hip width apart. While arms are straight out in front of you, bend your knees (as if you are trying to sit on the sofa) but before you bottom actually touches the sofa, return to a standing position. Repeat. Do this 20 to 30 times. Works your gluteus maximus and hamstrings. aka; butt and back of thighs.

2. In the Kitchen. Place you hands on the edge of the countertop with fingertips resting on top. Arms slightly more than shoulder width apart. Place feet away from the counter (approx. half your body height or 45 deg. angle) Slowly lower your arms a little more than halfway (or more if you are advanced). Return to starting position without locking your elbows. Repeat. Do this 20 to 30 times. Works your triceps, biceps, pectoralis, deltoids, even your trapezius. aka; your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back.

3. On the stairs. At the base of the stairs, place hands on the 3rd or 4th step and do pushups similar to countertop exercise. Try to do at least 10. Now if you are advanced…put your feet on the 3rd or 4th step, hands on the floor. Do your pushups that way. Works the same muscle groups mentioned for the countertop exercise.

4. Bedtime. Don’t just go to bed…do some sit-ups, or abdominal exercises on it. Really. The bed is good for other exercises besides sex.

(Remember to stretch before and after these exercises, especially when doing the ones that works the chest and stomach muscles)

Housework also burns calories. It is equivalent to low impact aerobics. Vacuuming, mopping, washing clothes, especially if your washer and dryer is located on a different floor than the bedrooms. If you go to a laundromat, you can still exercise. If you stay, do the countertop exercise on a machine and/or squats in front of a chair. Do tricep dips on a chair. If you leave, go jogging or running outside, remember to keep your eye on the time!


Disclaimer: The information presented herein at Healthy-Gurl.com is intented for informational/educational purposes only. Always consult a qualified physician or healthcare provider for diagnosis, treatment of any condition and starting an exercising routine.


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