Dry Cereal


Is cereal setting you up to overeat for the rest of the day? Most are processed wheat or bran, usually fried, but sometimes baked or toasted. Many cereals have added synthetic vitamins that have been created in a laboratory. If you are not getting your essential vitamins, getting them this way is better than not at all. So, how can cereals set you up to overeat and possibly gain weight? Cholecystokinin is a hormone in your gastrointestinal tract that helps you feel full and satisfied. Basically, it is this hormone that alerts your brain that you are full. However, it takes almost 20 minutes to register that you are full. What does this has to do with cereal? Simple. Most people want to eat cereal-in-a bowl rapidly in order the keep the milk from making the cereal soggy. Likewise, most will eat it in 5 minutes or less! Because of this, many people eat more than one bowl, doubling or tripling the calories.

Do you eat your dinner the same way you eat cereal? Most of us savor every bite, and even converse while eating our dinner; which is something you can’t really do with cereal-in-a bowl unless you prefer it soggy. Cereal is a morning time saver, so what can you do? Try eating healthy cereals without milk poured over it, but drink it separately. Scramble eggs! LoL. Really, instead of eating two bowls of cereal you could make organic eggs and toast. Throw in organic fruit and/or 4-6oz. orange juice and there you go. How about organic oatmeal (great source of complex-carbohydrates) with fruit and nuts, and toast? Organic pre-package oatmeal is also quick and easy to prepare in the mornings. Plain Greek yogurt with your choice of fruit (or organic preserves) is an option. Or, organic frozen minimally processed waffles or pancakes on occasion. Still don’t have time for that? Try putting together a mix of dry cereal, granola, cranberries etc., when you aren’t in a rush, and in the morning just grab and go. Remember, the purpose is to not start the morning off, chugging your food.

Cereal-in-a bowl may be a great snack at night if your goal is to conserve on calories. How? First of all, since the cereal isn’t your first meal, you may not feel incline to overly indulge. Second, if you replace cereal with the regular ice cream you eat at night, you can conserve at least 100 to 200 calories. But be careful, the vitamins in some cereals may make it difficult to sleep for some.

Finally, if you feel you can’t live without your cereals-in-a bowl, try drinking water between bites. After all, isn’t that what you do with the rest of your meals? 😉

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