As you may already know, October is the month of breast cancer awareness. I have an Aunt who is suffering from it. Her daughter, who is my first cousin, just died last night from Leukemia. My family is going through a very difficult time right now. We are going through the motions.


Cancer is very tricky, because one minute you think the person is getting better, and then the next they are in hospice. At one time it seemed my first cousin was starting to get better. The doctor said they couldn’t find it. Then she was in hospice. My Aunt who was the sister of the Aunt who has breast cancer, about died 17 years ago from pancreatic cancer. There was a moment that the doctor thought she was going to be okay, and the next she was in hospice.*

Cancer may strike people in different ways. It may strike due to genetics (which is why some children may have it), poor diet (ex., additives, chemicals, excessive fats) a lack of exercise, excessive amounts of stress, and anger. And then there are the few people who feel they did everything right when it comes to taking care of his or herself and still get it. But still, those people are the very few. Usually the people who strive to take care or his or herself, stays healthier longer. It is the premise that makes some feel like they don’t need to even try. Well, not trying could be actually sending cancer an invitation. Who wants to send cancer an invitation? People have so much (excruciating pain) with cancer, that the medicines don’t provide relief, only death does. So, now is the time to start eating right if you don’t, and to start an exercising routine before cancer. You will feel so much better, and your body will thank you.

*My first cousin was only 11 months older than me. My grandfather died when my mother was 14 years old due to prostate cancer. I’ve loss an Uncle to lung cancer 2 years ago. He was the brother of my Aunt who has breast cancer. She has another brother, of course also my Uncle, has had throat cancer. He has beat it.

Although my grandmother (my mother side) died in 09, she did
not have cancer. Out of my father’s seven siblings, neither of them dealt with
cancer or his parents.

Even though we all have cancer cells, it is likely my mother’s father may have carried more of the cells. Today, many people have become more individualistic. It is important to know your family. Knowing your family may help extend your life.

My parents have been exercising and mostly eating right for
as long as I can remember. When you know what is in your family, you may be
more incline to make changes sooner, and stick to them relentlessly.

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