Behold the Noni

I have had this wonderful juice in my diet for a while now. You can read about the awesome benefits here. However, lately I have conserved on it a little because of the price tag. I felt like I was catching a little bug, so I increased my intake and started to drink more of it full strength. Now, I am feeling much better as if I was never coming down with anything. I actually feel fine now. I also got a little bit more rest/sleep. The increase of Noni Juice for me will continue for about a week, and then I will go back to what I was doing previously. Because of everything I went through earlier this year, I feel that I may have to try harder when it comes to attacking viruses. I threw myself in a vigorous workout (weight training and all) quickly this year not long after recuperation, and for the most part, not resting. Put it this way….I really started exercising when I didn’t have a voice. So, I just need to come to my senses. 😉

-It helps to have a good diet, along with taking supplements on a regular basis.

*Opening ceremony of the Olympics starts tomorrow….and I will be watching it as always. Love the Olympics!

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