Pale Ale Beer Conditioner

Sorry if the pic seems a little “blurry”….I wasn’t drinking when I took the shot, lol. You can drink it, cook with it, but did you know you can apply it to your hair? Beer for the tresses…Yes! Beer is potent with B Vitamins and hops which are great for the hair. Besides nourishment, it provides volume and shine. I applied this Pale Ale conditioner after I shampooed my hair. This conditioner has great slip and makes my hair extremely soft upon contact! Despite having a citrus scent, it smells more like beer to me. But hey, it may be just as effective as pouring actual beer on your hair via leaning over the sink or tub. Then place a conditioning cap on the hair for a few minutes, and rinsing. After that I would probably run a good smelling conditioner through my hair. Anyway the product is good except for the fact that it has sodium benzoate in it. I was told from a scientist that it has been proven that sodium benzoate contributes to cancer, even very little of it. Of course, I was a little puzzle about that. Why? Sodium benzoate is a preservative and so are parabens. I am already trying to stay away from parabens. I am starting to feel that all laboratory synthetic preservatives contribute to cancer. Heeey, if you breathe wrong…you might get cancer. And this is what makes some people say why even try to be a naturalist. Well, it takes a little effort to get the best out of life. Personally, as I have stated before, I try not to be a fanatic when it comes to being natural. I appreciate the information I read or receive and if necessary limit my usage. Oh btw, many sodas (ex., coke) contain sodium benzoate. But I do not drink commercial sodas and haven’t for years, so I was not torn up when I heard that. My reasoning from staying away from it was high fructose corn syrup. My theory about most (not all) food and drink products are: if they advertise it on television, it’s probably not good for you.

But Anyway….back to my poisonous beer conditioner….that I purchased online.  I really like the way that it makes my hair feel and look. When I run out, I may “debate” about purchasing more; especially since I do not drink soda, I don’t see how it could hurt to apply things of that nature to my hair occasionally. I can always try regular beer. But if sodas have sodium benzoate in it, I am sure beer has to have it too. Many of the beers and even wine on the market do not even have a full ingredient list on the bottle. So, what are you drinking??? Does alcohol really cause cirrhosis of the liver…..or-is-it-Sodium-Benzoate?? This is probably one of the reasons why some folks enjoy making their own. And you can also purchase the organic varieties. Upon doing further research on the matter, I found that sodium benzoate can also cause hypertension, and ADHD. And if you combine ascorbic acid (vitamin C) with sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate (another preservative), you get benzene. Benzene is a known carcinogen. Meaning if you drink a soda and/or beer with sodium benzoate in it, you may need to look at ALL the ingredients in the other foods you are currently eating (ex., Fast food burger and fries), so that you don’t create an atomic bomb within your body! Coke may be removing this preservative from their recipe later this year. So this is like, Breaking News folks! Sodium Benzoate isn’t as safe as people once thought it was. Now you found out how bad cigarettes “really” are (though it came with a warning label) and that certain preservatives are bad etc….and then people stay away from them. And “this” is why people are living longer today! (But what took so long?) You know, I probably will not purchase any more of that conditioner because it has potassium and citrus in it.    Its’ Da BOMB!!! 🙂

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