Silicones and Glazes


So it would seem that my hair loves this combination! The effect of this on my hair is similar to KCCC, but better! Every time I use silicones, my hair looks smoother and feels like even more like silk! Now I realize that silicones do not penetrate the hair which is why I won’t use it often. However, as I have stated before, I have used silicones repeatedly on my hair in years past and never had a problem with breakage. I feel that it greatly depends on one’s hair, how healthy it is etc., whether you will be able to use it. It seems that my hair favors dimethicone, which is a heavy cone. (I guess my hair prefers that never ending cycle of using cones and a harsh shampoo. Ha!) Now, I really like the Organic Baby Soft shampoo and if I have to use a harsh shampoo again…I-will-stop-using-silicones….or, occasionally jump on the human hamster wheel. After all they aren’t parabens.

So what happened to me using the pink Eco Styler again with conditioner instead of pomade? Well, I tried that and the conditioner with the gel did not mix well. Plus the combination of the two still gave my hair a lack luster appearance. Basically upon using the gel, my hair did not have much shine. I have tried it on some parts of my hair without conditioner and still did not like it. It may be related to the chemicals in the product and not the protein. Not sure yet. However, like most products I have used, the next morning my hair was soft. And I am still concerned with the ingredient triethanolamine. I received a breakout or two near my hairline, and I think it is due to that ingredient. Well I have tried the green, clear, and now the pink gel. There are other colors also, but I am not going to try them.

Malin+Goetz Conditioner and Pomade

In the photo above, the conditioner on your left was put into my hair and covered with a plastic cap for about 20 minutes. This conditioner stinks! It literally smells like something you would use on your floor in order to clean it. It has a very strong chemical yet ever so slight herbal scent. However, my hair seems to be healthier after I used it. As of now I am not sure if I would purchase it again. If my hair loves it, I may continue to purchase it due to the fact that the smell doesn’t seem to linger for an extended period after usage. Just my Miracle mix alone has the tendency to mask most chemical odors from conditioners. However, this conditioner would not be something I would use often. I did not use the pomade featured above yet.

This, which contains pearl extract, was used as a styler:

BY (Be Yourself) Hair Glaze

Then I jumped in the shower and rinsed all of the conditioner out, added a different conditioner while detangling with Denman, rinsed, then dried my hair slightly before applying Miracle mix and the BY glaze. Let me just say…applying that glaze was awesome. My hair literally melted with this product. On top of that it clumped the hairs so beautifully. It has somewhat of a sophisticated, aristocratic, resort type of scent to it as well as a woodsy, spring-time scent. Love it! It doesn’t contain parabens or silicones-(not trying to use on regular basics), which is great. Remember, (peg “123”) before a silicone is water soluble. My hair wasn’t dripping wet excessively upon getting out of the shower. Plus, I can still use the “same” product for my crown if I happen to have frizz (which isn’t much with this product). The bottle is shower and travel friendly!! Above all….my hair does not dry hard! I can’t believe it…I just can’t believe it. I stumbled across BY on I search the ingredients elsewhere and based upon what I found, felt it would work, but did not think it would work this well. Now if only they could make a super-size bottle of it.

Dimethicone may have enhanced the effectiveness of it a little, but not by much, as I was able to distinguish that the very moment BY was applied. I think I’ve found a winner.

This is the third glaze that I have tried. The first was Goddess Glaze and the second was Curls in a Bottle. Goddess Glaze doesn’t work for me when used all over. Though it wasn’t a big deal, CIAB was just a tad bit more watery than BY.  If I purchase 2 “BY products” – (ha ha get it?), it is roughly 5-6 bucks cheaper than a 16oz. size of KCCC depending on where I purchase the products.

This time I only scrunched and did not diffuse. Since I did not diffuse, stayed indoors today, and barely towel dried prior to and after applying, it took longer for my hair to dry. One day I will diffuse when using this and see what happens. My hair does not dry crunchy or rubbery 🙂 with this product, but it does dry stiff, if that makes sense. Once it dries, it does not take much to loosen up the hair.

There are “13” pics of (not soaking) wet hair:



In the following pics my hair was 80% dry. There are “12” pics:



The following pics are of very shiny, completely dry hair. There are “2.”



Since this is a new product that I was fond of on the first day, I was anxious to see what second day hair would look like. Upon waking I had the softest hair!! And the waves and curls were so defined and on top of that….my hair fell in to place and had body AND bounce. What? I think I love this BY product! I purchased 2 more. There is something in the product that my hair loves. And technically if this wasn’t available, CIAB is still a comparable product. My hair prefers glazes instead of gels. YES! Oh, and another thing…it doesn’t flake!

There are “6” pics of still shiny, soft second day hair (before doing anything to it):


In summary:


Wish it came in a bigger bottle

Wish the ingredients were more organic

Not sure if it is available in stores near me



Glides and smooth the hair shafts

Clumps the hair

Great definition from roots to ends

It doesn’t contain triethanolamine

Nice smell

Hair doesn’t dry crunchy or rubbery

Soft hold

Touchable hair that gets even softer as it stays in the hair

Once my hair dries and stiffness is loosened up, hair looks as if there isn’t ANY product in it. (A plus)

It is light-weight in my hair so drying fast would not be a problem.

Hair feels as if there isn’t product in it (Oh, did I say that?)

Gives me body and bounce

BY may help me cut down on being a PJ (when it comes to looking for the perfect styler). YaY!


The BY glaze is equivalent to putting a thick “non-sticky” serum onto my hair that doesn’t flake (unlike Pattern Pusha), and that once it is loosened I am left with touchable hair that has body. In a sense it holds my hair until it dries and then seems to disappear off of the hair leaving the memory of the definition. I couldn’t ask for a better product, and if I have to occasionally use dimethicone with it, I will!!! But really doubt I would “need” too though.