My Special Egg Drop Soup

This has been my favorite soup for years. It has been one of many Chinese dishes that I make.

I would make it whether I was sick or not. Some of you make be shock if you have previously read that I don’t eat chicken. Though hen is in the same family, I do eat that, along with turkey too. One must remember my reasoning for not eating chicken. Hen is great because of its’ size (potion control) and turkey is great because of tryptophan. And there are also other reasons why I prefer those over chicken. I also eat eggs as well and never stopped.

This soup is great for anyone. It is very easy to make. It has all of the components to help you feel better. Personally, I like it cause though I can make many things, vegetable soup isn’t one of them. My mom can make a killer veggie soup though!

My Special Egg Drop Soup



1 box of Organic Chicken broth

1Organic egg

About 2 stalks of organic green onions thinly sliced on the diagonal

1 tablespoon light organic soy sauce


Optional: hot sauce, sesame oil, full fat Greek yogurt (though this will change the flavor), crunchy noodles. You can also add ginger, but I have never done that.



In a medium to large sauce pan add stock and heat on medium-high until almost boiling. Meanwhile, beat 1 egg and light soy sauce with a fork, in a very small dish or bowl. If you don’t have that, a teacup is the preferred option. If you start to see a bubble or two in the pot, it is now time to remove it from the heat. Immediately add your beaten egg; place your fork over the teacup, and pour the egg through the slots of the fork very slowly while stirring the broth with the other hand in one direction. Doing this creates ribbons or threads of egg in the soup. Add a little hot sauce and sesame oil if you like and stir. Then add chopped green onions.

Place in serving bowls and add a dollop of Greek yogurt (will change flavor) and crunchy noodles. Enjoy!