Marinated Red Wine Lamb Chops

Lamb Ribs and Loins

I purchased this from the health food store. Pause….This lamb was the best, the most succulent, tastiest, tender, mouth-watering lamb that I have had in a long time. Period. Well, I do admit the last time I had it was a few of years ago ‘08, ’09? But even then, it did not taste like this. I almost ate all of it, seriously. I went through the racks, and there were only about 4 left.  Hey, when something is that good, I devour it! Lamb doesn’t appeal to some people, but if you have never tried it, marinated is the way to go. Oh, and red wine complements this dish very well, especially the hybrids. Also, FYI, The red wine and asparagus are aphrodisiacs. yeah. Oh, you have to try this recipe. You may forget proper etiquette.  It is bone suck-ing good!! 😉


½ cup A1 sauce

2 tbs Spicy Brown Mustard

2 tbs Raw Honey

2 tbs Tamari

3 tbs Red Wine

½ tsp Liquid Smoke

1 sprig of fresh Rosemary



Add A1 sauce, spicy brown mustard, and honey in a liquid measuring cup and stir. Then tamari, red wine, liquid smoke and stir. Should have approx. 1 cup. Set it aside.

Chop finely 1 sprig of rosemary (tip: you could use kitchen scissors) Pour ¼ of mixture in a tiny bowl or tea cup and add a pinch of rosemary. Add the rest of the rosemary to the mixture. Stir. Pour some of the mixture from the measuring cup into a gallon storage bag to moisten the bag about halfway. Then add lamb. After that, pour the remaining mixture and put in the fridge for 4 hours. Don’t forget to turn the bag over halfway (2 hrs.) when marinating.

Before cooking, blot marinade off the meat with a paper towel. Grilling is the preferred option, though you can brown it on the stove. I personally like “medium” lamb, so in order to achieve that, grill for about 8 minutes on both sides. Heat the marinade from the small bowl and serve it on top of the lamb when done. Enjoy!

-Tip: After grilling, place meat in a glass dish and cover for about 10 minutes, for succulent meat.

Marinated Red Wine Lamb Chops