Heart-2-Heart Strawberry Shortcake

Heart-2-Heart Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, sometimes just having yogurt in the same sentence when describing dessert turns people off. But you can use Greek yogurt to make “whipped cream.” Granted this Strawberry shortcake has a little bit more fat and calories than the traditional. But hey…..we are talking about dessert. I made the one in the photo with pound cake, versus the traditional fat free angel food cake. Yeah. I guess I’m no angel…..hahaaa. However, when making this again, I will make it with angel food cake because it was a little too rich. But it was “um um good!”



4/3 cup of Greek yogurt

3 tsp Stevia

1 to 2 tsp of vanilla (as desired)

Fat free angel food cake

Fresh organic Strawberries (sliced)



Mix yogurt, stevia, and vanilla well. Take a slice of angel food cake and position it on a serving plate. Add yogurt cream on top, and then add sliced strawberries. Repeat with another layer starting with angel food cake. Enjoy!

Tip: Instead of adding stevia to yogurt, you can mix stevia with the strawberries over low heat to make a syrup and then use it as the directions state. 



Heart-2-Heart Strawberry Shortcake

-So, why use yogurt instead of traditional whipping cream? Whipped cream usually contains high fructose corn syrup and /or “refined” sugar. It has been scientifically proven that our bodies do not metabolized those sweeteners effectively. As a result it contributes to the obesity, cancer rates and other health problems. While using yogurt will not taste exactly like whipped cream, it is very close with great health benefits. Eat dessert with a 🙂 .