Oversized Shoulder Bags

Woman with oversized shoulder bag

What is with ALL those Oversized Shoulder Bags? Yes, they look gorgeous, and can hold nearly everything you put into it. But do you really need a bowling bag on your shoulder?? Do you know what that bag is literally doing to your alignment? Think about it…your ipad is thin and so is your smartphone. How much room do you really need? It has been proven that oversized bags, especially when stuffed to the limited will cause alignment problems and potentially back problems as well. Add high heels, and it could be a recipe for damaging yourself. Do your body a favor; opt for a bag that can carry only the basics. Or, if you really love those bags, try not to fill them to the max and wear low heels. You can also wear your bag cross-shoulder, which may help a little. If you Must carry a lot for business, try a rolling bag or a bag with wheels, and watch out for colleagues and pedestrians. 😉