United States obesity rate is one of the highest in the world. So my blog will focus on being healthy inside and out. The situation can be reversed with proper diet, exercise, and removing excessive chemicals from one’s regimen.  First and foremost, I am not recommending people to throw away their medicines and stop seeing the doctor! So for example, if you have asthma, you are going to need your asthma medication. However, I personally believe a person don’t need to see a doctor for every “little” thing. Everyone should see a doctor once a year for a routine physical exam. A doctor will check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to see where you stand, and if you are at a high risk for a stroke or heart attack. They can tell if you have or are at risk for cancer from a blood sample etc.. Don’t be afraid. Also, if you are having trouble with something, say, your heart. See a cardiologist. Don’t contribute it to thinking this is my makeup and ignore it, and don’t even keep seeing your primary doctor about it without getting a referral. Depending on where you are located, you may have no choice but to keep seeing a primary doctor about the same condition which is fine. However, a cardiologist is a Specialist who specializes in the field of heart related conditions. Seeing a Specialist for what ails you, may help keep you from wasting valuable time.

Note that, most-if-not-all-medications, have side effects. Please keep the premise in mind when practicing natural medicines and/or remedies, due to the fact that natural and synthetic may conflict with each other. Now, what you put inside shows outward. There are times I may not eat as healthy, and as a result may also have a tired or weighed down feeling; not the full feeling you get after you eat a big meal… However, when I eat nutritious food, I have more energy. The clarity in my skin improves and literally glows. My hair shines and has a luster appearance.  Though you can get nourishment from supplements and vitamins, it is best to get nourishment from raw fresh veggies and fruit. Living a sedentary lifestyle, as well as frequent consumption of fast food and unhealthy snacks laden with chemicals, contributes to health related issues. What’s wrong with “certain” chemicals in food?

MSG. Many people know that monosodium glutamate may cause weight gain and cause headaches ETC. But did you know that MSG can be hidden under names like, disodium guanulate, and hydrolyzed yeast extract? Disodium guanylate is often used in conjunction with disodium inosinate, which is also a form of MSG. Persons with gout, hyperactivity, and asthmatics should avoid it. Reading labels on food is important. Many people who are allergic to nuts know to read labels and stay away from them. However, you could be allergic to the very chemicals mentioned above and not even know it until you’ve possibly eaten a half bag of chips (e.g. Doritos.) Depending on your body type, it may take a while before you start to feel symptoms from an allergic reaction. So if you start to feel symptoms later, you may not think to link it to the bag of chips. Thus, eventually you may go to the doctor, and then take meds with side effects that could lead to more side effects; resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle, and feeling miserable. Basically, all you needed to do in order to feel better was remove MSG from your diet.

MSG is just an example of some chemicals in certain foods that may interfere with health, and cause weight gain.





Disclaimer: The information presented herein at Healthy-Gurl.com is intented for informational/educational purposes only. Always consult a qualified physician or healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment of any condition.